New Student Registration

Welcome to the Ridgewood Public Schools

Please follow these steps to enroll your child in the Ridgewood Public Schools For 2018-19 Kindergarten Registration Information, please click here

farm house house home farmStep #1 Residency Verification

Please download and present the following forms at time of registration.

Click on the links in red to download the forms. 

Passport is not acceptable due to state law.

Provide any Court order regarding legal guardianship, if applicable. If the person registering the student is not the court ordered legal guardian, you must provide completed & notarized Oath of Support and Oath of Non-Support, if qualified.

If Divorced - must provide proof of residential custody/joint legal custody.
  • Record of Immunization

File:Pink-Calendar.pngStep #2 Schedule Appointment

Contact the Board of Education office at

201-670-2700 ext 10547 or

to schedule an appointment

  • Please bring completed documents from Step 1

Write, Note, Memo, School, ...Step #3 School Requirements   

School, Building, Architecture ... Step #4 School Appointment

Contact the school to schedule an appointment.