Grade 6 Family Life Health Unit

Health and Physical Education is a requirement for all students who attend a public school. Ridgewood Public Schools Wellness Program strives to provide students with a health education program that enhances their ability to make informed decisions and to exhibit behaviors that nurture their physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A: 35-4.7, any student whose parent or guardian presents to the school a signed statement that any part of the instruction in health, family life education or sex education is in conflict with his/her conscience or sincerely held moral or religious beliefs shall be excused from that portion of the health curriculum. The health teacher will be glad to speak with you to discuss the curriculum.

2020 New Jersey Student Learning Standards - Comprehensive Health and Physical Education

The sixth grade Family Life and Relationships health unit is comprised of these indicators: 

2.1.8.PGD.1:  Explain how appropriate health care can promote personal health.

2.1.8.PGD.3:  Describe the human reproductive systems, the external and internal body parts and their functions, and the natural variations that exist in human bodies.

2.1.8.PGD.4:  Analyze the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health.

2.1.8.PP.1:  Describe pregnancy testing, the signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption.

2.1.8.PP.2:  Summarize the stages of pregnancy from fertilization to birth.

2.1.8.PP.3:  Identify prenatal practices that support a healthy pregnancy and identify where to find medically accurate sources of information about prenatal care.

2.1.8.PP.4:  Predict challenges that may be faced by adolescent parents and their families.

2.1.8.PP.5:  Identify resources to assist with parenting. 

2.1.8.EH.2:  Analyze how personal attributes, resiliency, and protective factors support mental and emotional health. 

2.1.8.SSH.3:  Demonstrate communication skills that will support healthy relationships

2.1.8.SSH.4:  Compare and contrast the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

2.1.8.CHSS.8:  Analyze difficult situations that might lead to feelings of sadness, anxiety and depression and identify individuals, agencies or places in the community where assistance may be available.