High School

Mission Statement

The Ridgewood Public Schools Mathematics and Computer Science programs provide opportunities that encourage all students to develop a positive attitude about mathematics and computer science. By utilizing mathematics and computer science in meaningful ways to explore authentic tasks students are expected to go beyond repetition and memorization into problem solving and understanding. We believe that our students are well prepared for the future.

Course Offerings

View the 2024-25 Mathematics/Computer Science course offerings on Program of Studies website. 

Recommended Calculators

The mathematics department recommends the purchase of the TI-nspire for use in all high school mathematics courses. The TI-nspire CX II is the latest version of the calculator that can be used through high school and into college. If your child is in the honors math program, then the calculator should be the CX II CAS version (note: CAS calculators are not permitted to be used for state testing). If you want more information about this calculator, you can visit

Period 9

In Mathematics, probably more than most other subjects, practice is important. In order to practice, a student needs to understand what is being taught. Students are encouraged to reach out to their teachers if they feel the need for additional help. Period 9 is offered every day from 3:05-3:30 in order to provide students the opportunity to ask questions and receive support when needed. Each teacher is available during this period, and they are there to help.  Please make every effort to see your teacher and take advantage of this opportunity.

Links to Math Sites
These are the links to sites used by many math teachers either in class or for to provide additional help for students.

Khan Academy