District School Zone by Address
District Street Codes
To locate which school your home address is zoned for, please click on the link below.  Street names are listed alphabetically and indicate the elementary school your child will attend.  The Key for abbreviations is on the right side of page 1.  It is also available below.
Type    (means odd or even house numbers)
A = All addresses
E = Even numbered addresses
O = Odd numbered addresses
Elementary Schools
H  --  Hawes School
O  --  Orchard School
R  --  Ridge School
S  --  Somerville School
T  --  Travell School
W  --  Willard School
Middle Schools
Pupils who attend Hawes, Somerville or Travell Elementary Schools attend Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Pupils who attend Ridge, Orchard or Willard Elementary Schools attend George Washington Middle School
If you do not see the address listed or have a question, please call  201-670-2700  ext. 10530
Click here for District Street Code List   (can only be viewed as a pdf):