Board Committees
Ridgewood Board of Education
 Committee Responsibilities
Communications Committee
Discusses district communications policy and practice, including the district website, eNews, Newsline, staff communications, etc.
Members:  Cristopher Kaufman, Jennie Smith Wilson

Curriculum Committee

Acts as a forum to review current instructional materials and future options for updating those materials at all levels. Textbooks and other materials are discussed and examined for course relevance and appropriateness before being presented to the Board for approval. 
Members:  Sheila Brogan, Jennie Smith Wilson

Facilities Committee
The Facilities Committee discusses issues relating to district buildings and fields, including capital projects, maintenance and repairs and construction. 
Members: Committee of the Whole

Joint Review Committee

The Joint Review Committee reviews custodial and maintenance services in each of the district's schools on a monthly basis. Goals and action plans for the custodial and maintenance services are established quarterly.
Member: Sheila Brogan

Finance Committee
Discusses issues relating to the funding of the district. Responsible for the initial presentation of the budget and continual monthly review of budget transfers for the current fiscal year.
Members: Committee of the Whole

Policy Committee
Reviews, revises, and drafts district policy. The committee brings recommendations to add or change policies to the full Board for discussion and adoption. Board policy requires that new or revised policies have two readings before adoption.
Members:   Cristopher Kaufman, Jim Morgan

Federated Home and School Association *
Provides information about the Board and district to, and collects feedback from, the Home and School Associations' presidents at their monthly meeting.  To learn more about Federated HSA click here.
Liaison: Jennie Smith Wilson

Fields Committee

The Joint Village/Board Fields Committee manages the upkeep and scheduling of athletic field throughout the Village.
Member: Jennie Smith Wilson

Parks and Recreation
Comprised of select village employees and citizen volunteers appointed by the Village Council to address the recreational and open space needs and activities of the community, balancing recreational interests with environmental and financial issues.
Member: Jim Morgan 
Green Ridgewood
Assists the Village of Ridgewood with respect to environmental concerns by formulating, adopting, and implementing practices and policies which protect the environment, respect the ecosystem, promote sustainability, reduce climate change and support earth-friendly cost reductions within the municipality and the community at large.
Member: Jennie Smith Wilson

Member: Sheila Brogan

Ridgewood Education Foundation
The mission of the REF is to enhance the quality of education in the Ridgewood Public Schools. Since 1989 it has awarded more than $400,000 in grants for special projects created by forward-thinking teachers, parents, students and alumni(ae). The Board representative offers the perspective of the BOE by providing information, asking questions, and participating in discussions that assist in the final decisions about how to distribute funds raised. Click here for more information about the Ridgewood Education Foundation.
Representative: Jim Morgan

Ridgewood Academy for Health Professions (RAHP)
The Academy is a partnership between RHS, Valley Hospital and Bergen Community College.
Member: Sheila Brogan
AD HOC Committees:

Member: Jim Morgan, Jennie Smith Wilson

Members: Sheila Brogan, Jennie Smith Wilson



Bergen County School Boards Association (BCSBA)
Membership is made up of the 78 school districts of Bergen County. The goal of the association is to enhance the skills and knowledge of the local board of education members, and to serve as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas and as a catalyst to expedite and initiate change.
Member: Jennie Smith Wilson

New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA)
The New Jersey School Boards Association is a federation of all of the state’s local boards of education, providing training, support and communications services. The district representative attends periodically-held meetings to participate in discussions; make decisions about issues that reaffirm the common goal of educating children; meet with colleagues; engage in dialogue; and develop positive relationships with other school board members.
Member: Jennie Smith Wilson

Garden State Coalition of Schools
Member: Jim Morgan, Jennie Smith Wilson

Scholarships and Awards:

Ashby Award

Other scholarship responsibilities will be determined by the high school, based on the scholarship selection criteria, giving each Board member an opportunity to participate.