RPS 1:1 Initiative
General Information About the 1:1 Initiative at Ridgewood Public Schools

Dell Chromebook
Please review the links below regarding the 1:1 initiative, as they contain information about distribution, policies, procedures, expectations, etc.  

Chromebook & Google Apps Training

Chromebook Training (Google Training Site)
This training site will help to orient students with the use of Chromebooks as well as Google Apps for Education.  Some of the training videos incorporated into this training are more teacher-focused rather than student-focused.  That said, it's a great place to start learning!

Chromebook & Internet usage reports

Below you can find a list of reports that display how much students in all grade levels use school Chromebooks (average minutes used each day) as well as Internet usage reports highlighting their online activity with top resources used. These reports provide general summaries over 2 weeks of school. We will be uploading fresh reports each quarter for your information.