Specialized Programs


Ridgewood Special Programs supports students, teachers and parents in our community to address the diverse needs of students through a variety of programs so that they can access the curriculum to improve academically, socially and emotionally. As a result, we have developed specialized programs that are tailored to the specific needs of our students.

RED Program

The Ridgewood Early Development (RED) Program offers a comprehensive educational experience for a child who has been identified as a preschool disabled student, ages 3-5. The areas of focus for skill development are within the social, motor, cognitive, and communication domains.  
 Special programs


The Language Learning Disabilities (LLD) Program  is designed to meet the individual needs to students with language and/or learning disabilities, such as Communication Impairment and Specific Learning Disabilities. It is a specialized program where students receive intensive interventions in the areas of language and/or learning to support all content areas based on state curriculum standards. Strategies utilized in the classroom support the development of both expressive and receptive language skills, as well as focus on the comprehension of written language.

 Special programs


The Strategic Actions for Innovative Learning (SAIL) Program  is a self-contained class for students with global developmental delays. Academics, which are based on the state curriculum standards, are infused with functional life skills to support the growth of students. The students are taught through a multi-sensory approach to learning while reinforcing language and motor skills through an integrated model. Students experience Community Based Instruction to enhance their developmental skills.
 Special programs


The Ridgewood Intensive Services (RISe) Program  is a self-contained class designed for students who demonstrate needs consistent with those on the autistic spectrum. The classroom is a highly structured, one-to-one and/or small group setting, which utilizes a comprehensive ABA learning approach to support mastery and generalization of learned skills. Students receive positive behavioral support to foster a strong foundation for good classroom work habits and appropriate social behaviors. The program is supported by District behaviorists.
 Special programs


The Ridgewood NOVA Program is a self-contained class designed for students who are dysregulated emotionally/behaviorally.  Students' needs are met through a comprehensive system of highly-structured learning  and therapeutic environments designed to ensure that students fully benefit from instruction, and learn how to make appropriate decisions and effectively solve problems.  The NOVA program is designed to provide an emotionally safe and secure, structured environment with a strong student/staff ratio that provides support and preparation to enable students to function more successfully in a mainstream school setting.  The program is supported by the Bergen County Special Services (BCSS) Emotional & Behavioral Disabilities Staff.    BCCS Logo


Ridgewood In-District Therapeutic Supports (RITS) is a school-based counseling program that provides direct support to students and families. Therapists utilize a variety of effective models to develop skills and strategies to make personal growth. The program is designed to collaborate with school personnel and therapeutic services are conducted in the student’s school building. The counselors are professionals experienced in youth development, therapy and case management. Currently, the district is partnered with CarePlus of NJ to provide the therapists and, therefore, parents have access the complete wrap-up care through CarePlus, a fully-licensed and accredited mental health care organization.



School Transition and Employment Program for Student Success (STEPSS) is a program for Students ages 18-21 years old, who have met state graduation requirements, but continue to need more time and skill development before entering independent or interdependence adulthood may be recommended by their IEP team (based on data, file review, transition goals, transition plan, etc.) to participate in the STEPSS program. Our 18-21 year old STEPSS program: Provides a focus on instruction of curriculum that builds on readiness, based on employment, independent living skills, and agency resources within the community; Promotes a culture that is welcoming, responsive, and committed to continuous improvement in building self-reliance; Provides an environment where students are respected and treated as full partners in the process of increasing independence.

STEPSS Brochure
Click here to view a video of our STEPSS program.